Cerritos MUN Conference / October 12, 2018 Cerritos, CA
Cerritos High has always been a good first conference and training ground for WHS freshmen but this year was marred by a few problems, none of which were the fault of the students and advisors at Cerritos. Opening and closing ceremonies had to be canceled because of Homecoming there, so the excitement and anticipation of formally starting the conference was lost, and with it some of the momentum that builds from it. No closing ceremonies meant that all recognition was confined to each committee room and so there was no shared sense of accomplishments. The rain was another dampening factor. It added an unconscious feel of gloom and led to committees that were not a dynamic as they could have been. This was felt all around, by advisers and by the delegates themselves. As soon as the rains ended and a bit of sunshine came through things seemed to pick up. The Cerritos chairing was good, but there were times when committees drifted off target and forgot what they were there for. Minor errors were allowed to pass, such as allowing delegates to comment on comments, and wasteful parliamentary games such as arguing between a minute or two extra or less about caucus time. Even so, it’s a heck of a job trying to get frightened 9th graders to discuss and debate. In all, though, Cerritos’ hospitality and mission to serve the novice MUN committee was successful. We look forward to next year’s conference where the weather and venue access is back to top form. Special thanks to our student advisors and photographer: Sehar Alam Raj Vora Sonali Joshi Minjae Son Awards of Excellence Period 5 Swetha Chidambara Ally Chung Rohan Jain Arrim Jung Yusuf Karan Allison Lee James Lee Joanna Lee Sabrina Liu Sophia Matthews Sriram Murakonda Chloe Paredes Heer Patel Danielle Reyes Smeet Shah Siddhant Watwani Ethan Woolley Awards of Excellence Period 6 Amsal Ali Viviana Cruz Camille Dang Siri Gullapalli Navneeth Gurachar Deeksha Kasula Michelle Kim Summer Lee Nikhil Lingineni Chiran Nanediri Atreya Petluri John Saleeb Hana Sandomirsky Aman Shah Suraj Shah Rebecca Simbol Neil Tendolkar Ankitha Venguswamy