Week 4: September 17 to 23, 2018


model united nations independent study

The Week's Schedule of Work and Activities


Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Welcome back.  We have to hit the ground running, so be prepared!


SiR:  Revised Seating Chart and Roll

SiR:  Triton / San Diego Update

SiR:  Cerritos Conference Advisor Update

SiR:  Tustin Registration

SiR:  WHSMUN XVII Update and Reminder

SiR:  Parent meeting on September 28.

Secretareat: TBA

SiR:  Dismissal


Tuesday, September 13, 2018


We will not be meeting due to Open House.  Drafts of the background to the topic

you've been assigned are due.  Please deliver a hard copy (Times New Roman,

12 point font, TRIPLE spaced) to SiR directly, or get in his mailbx by 2:00 PM.  Credit

will be deducted for a late or missing paper.  Send to SiR as a MS Word attachment

(no Google Drive, please, or PDF) to steve.rosenberg@abcusd by 9:00 PM.  Plainly label

on the paper the committee, topic, and the names of the people responsible for the material.

Subject line should read "WHSMUN Topic Draft / Committee / Topic

S. Rosenberg  /  Whitney High School  /  16800 Shoemaker Avenue  /  Cerritos, California 90703  /  562-926-5566  x22361  /  steve.rosenberg@abcusd.us